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Learn how Crqlar helps hotels create personalized and effective marketing campaigns, save time, reduce ad spend, and increase revenue by identifying profitable guest segments and AI.

Hotel Staff improve effeciency and automate tasks.

Save time for your hotel staff

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Managing a hotel can be a complex and time-consuming task, with various responsibilities and tasks to handle. But Crqlar simplifies this process by automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks and streamlining operations.

Crqlar makes it easy to gather and manage guest information. Before Crqlar, it was challenging to get a comprehensive and accurate understanding of hotel guests. But with Crqlar's AI, this process is now simple and efficient. With just a few clicks, hotels can access a complete and accurate guest profile, allowing them to better understand and serve their guests.

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Image of how the better knowledge of hotel guest data can improve effeciency and better services at all parts of the hotel with Crqlar.
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Save time with the Crqlar modules

Crqlar also saves time by generating appropriate answers to guest messages. The AI suggests the perfect answer and all the staff member needs to do is review and send it, saving valuable time. This feature ensures that guests receive timely and accurate responses, improving communication and guest satisfaction.

Crqlar's modules like Crqlar Restaurant, Crqlar Spa, and Crqlar App, allow hotels to streamline operations at every point in the hotel for almost any employee. These modules simplify the planning of bookings and management of staff, facilities, and tables. This ensures that the hotel runs smoothly and efficiently, reducing workload for staff and improving guest experience.

With Crqlar, hotels can improve efficiency, reduce workload for staff, and increase guest satisfaction.

Crqlar Guest

Elevate your luxury hotel with AI-powered personalization. Connected with your PMS system.

Guest Profile with all Data from different software.

Identify your best guest segment.

Create personalized offers and marketing.

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Screenshot of Crqlar Restaurant a software for Hotels to manage a la carte and halfboard guests and easily allow hotel guests to book a table

Crqlar Restaurant

Enhance your hotel's dining experience with our a la carte and half board software solution.

Manage À la carte and halfboard guests.

Easy booking via website Widget.

Reduce no-shows with credit card.

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Screenshot of the Crqlar Hotel guest app

Crqlar App

Transform the guest experience with digital check-in, access to booking systems for all services, the spa and restaurants.

Easily customize the look and feel to match your CI.

All guest bookings with just one click.

Show the content that matters.

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