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Crqlar Guest

Elevate your luxury hotel with AI-powered personalization. Our technology seamlessly integrates guest data, enabling exceptional experiences at every touchpoint.

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Crqlar Restaurant

Enhance your hotel's dining experience with our a la carte and half board software solution. Our easy-to-use website widget simplifies the booking process and helps reduce no-show fees.

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Crqlar App

Our Hotel App transforms the guest experience with digital check-in, and access to booking systems for all services, the spa and restaurants. All data is seamlessly connected to your PMS system.

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Crqlar Spa

Effortlessly manage your wellness appointments: Offer your spa services on your website or through the Crqlar app and keep guests informed with integrated notifications. Streamline your booking process and provide a seamless experience for your guests.

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Learn how Crqlar helps other hotels to deliver a better guest experience.

How Crqlar can help your hotel

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Improve your hotel marketing with Crqlar! Our AI-powered platform delivers personalized ads and newsletters, helping you to increase revenue by understanding and serving your guests better.

AI-driven hotel managemetn software boost marketing campaigns.
Crqlar hotel software helps hotels maximize efficiency.
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Maximize your hotel's efficiency with Crqlar! Our platform helps you reduce the time needed to improve guest satisfaction and streamline daily operations, resulting in a better overall experience for your guests and increased efficiency for your hotel.

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Guest Satisfaction

Crqlar helps your hotel get to know your guests better, resulting in happy and returning customers, improved ratings, and increased revenue. Discover the benefits of a better understanding of your guests with Crqlar.

Crqlar software benefits hotels in better understanding of their guests.

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Why us?

At Crqlar, we are committed to providing the best solutions for your hotel. We work closely with leading hotels to ensure that our platform meets the needs of the industry. With 99.9% uptime and top-notch customer support in German, English, and Serbian, you can trust us to keep your hotel running smoothly. Choose Crqlar for the future of hospitality.


All guest data in one place

Effortlessly unify your guest data with Crqlar! Our platform offers connectors to most common PMS solutions and combines data from various tools into a single, comprehensive guest profile.


Everything your hotel needs

Let Crqlar take care of everything your hotel needs! From central BI systems to restaurant and spa management, our platform saves your staff time and improves guest correspondence and online marketing.


Connected with your PMS

Eliminate the need for manual data entry with Crqlar! Our platform connects directly to your PMS and uses AI to streamline processes and replace outdated solutions, saving your staff time and increasing efficiency.


Increase revenue

Crqlar delivers better guest profiles, allowing your hotel to provide a better stay and upsell additional services. Increase your revenue by delivering the ultimate guest experience with Crqlar.


24/7 support

Count on Crqlar for reliable, stable software that you can trust. Our team is dedicated to providing you with top-notch service, including 24/7 support in case of any issues. Trust us to keep your hotel running smoothly, every day of the year.

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Crqlar Support

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Support center

Need support or have questions? Contact Crqlar's dedicated support team 24/7 through our support center.

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Learn more about Crqlar and how to use it with our comprehensive video tutorials and guides.