Software for Managing the Restaurant

Implementing restaurant management software is essential for hotel restaurants.

It empowers hotels to:

  • efficiently manage reservations and increase revenues
  • allocate resources effectively
  • reduce costly no-shows. 

With all the data in one place, hotels can adapt their menus, pricing, and marketing strategies to meet guest expectations and boost revenue.

Also, restaurant integration with hotel property management systems  (PMS) has become crucial. That ensures that guest data and preferences are seamlessly shared between the hotel and the restaurant, providing a cohesive and personalized experience for guests staying at the hotel.

The ability to personalize service and offer convenient online reservations strengthens guest satisfaction and loyalty. Furthermore, the software provides a competitive advantage, setting hotel restaurants apart in the highly competitive hospitality industry, ultimately leading to cost savings and increased profitability. 

CRQLAR Restaurant Software steps in as the ultimate part of our whole hotel operating system, offering an array of features designed to streamline restaurant management and enhance the overall guest experience.

software for managing the restaurant with Crqlar solution

Customizable Website Widgets 

Our software has customizable website widgets that seamlessly integrate into your hotel's online presence, website, and guest app. That means guests can book a table without leaving your website, which increases efficiency and revenue.

Personalized Communication

We empower you to communicate personalized email and SMS with your guests. This high level of personalization ensures a seamless dining experience right from the moment a reservation is made.

AI Integration 

Our software leverages AI to learn more about your guests, enabling you to anticipate their needs. That means booking preferred tables, noting allergies, and recommending their favorite wine. It's all about delivering a highly personalized service that boosts guest satisfaction and contributes to increased revenue.


CRQLAR Restaurant Software offers the flexibility to manage one or multiple restaurants within a single platform seamlessly. You can effortlessly customize your restaurant's operating hours, allowing you to adapt to seasonal changes, holidays, and special occasions. The ability to upload and manage service pictures lets you showcase your culinary delights and the unique ambiance of your restaurant. And with captivating restaurant descriptions, you can guide potential guests in making informed dining choices.


You can generate reservations quickly by viewing a concise summary of reservation details for easy reference. Accessing comprehensive reservation details with an advanced view allows you to customize each reservation to accommodate specific guest needs.

Modifying or deleting reservations is a breeze, helping you quickly adapt to shifting guest demands. You can seamlessly integrate reservations into planned events, ensuring a cohesive guest experience during special occasions and gatherings. Adjusting the number of guests for each reservation is a flexible feature, accommodating varying group sizes and providing outstanding service.

CRQLAR Restaurant Software allows you to tailor your reservation system to match your hotel's and restaurant's brand and style. Customize various aspects, from page design to table layouts, providing a cohesive and personalized guest experience. Also, our restaurant software comes with a no-show credit card feature that can help reduce the number of no-shows.

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