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Crqlar Hotel Restaurant Software is built to reshape how hotel restaurants thrive. Whether you're seeking efficient management for both Half Board and À la Carte guests or seamless handling of restaurant reservations, our restaurant management software is the key to your success.
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Crqlar hotel restaurant software

Mastering Restaurant Management

CRQLAR Restaurant software is the ideal solution for hotels looking to streamline their restaurant management and bookings.
We offer customizable website widgets and personalized email and SMS communication with guests.
Maintain a seamless experience for returning guests by always seating them at the tables they've enjoyed during their previous visits.
Add a credit card no-show fee
Use the power of AI to learn more about your guests guarantees a superior experience, even for repeat guests.
Our offerings go beyond the ordinary, delivering a wide range of features and services to elevate your hotel management to a whole new level.
Reduce no-shows with Crqlar hotel restaurant software

Reduce No-Shows

No-shows are a common concern for hotel and restaurant managers. They waste time, resources, and potential revenue. CRQLAR introduces a credit card no-show feature integrated into the booking widget, holding guests accountable for their reservations.
Minimizes no-shows
Enables better planning
Increases your revenue
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Manage your hotel restaurant for all guests!

À la Carte and Halfboard

Seamless Integration with PMS System for Guest Seating:
With a connector to the PMS system, you can easily seat the guests for the whole duration of their stay.
Elevate Your Dining Experience: Harness the potential of guest data to ensure a memorable visit. With a detailed history for every guest, seat them at their preferred tables, enhancing their experience based on their last visit.
Easy Reservation Adjustment: Quickly make reservation changes, such as moving guests, to ensure smooth restaurant operations and guest satisfaction.
Ability to Combine Tables for Larger Groups: Merge tables to accommodate larger dining parties easily.
restaurant software for a la carte and halfboard


Gain an overview of reservations across all your restaurants within a single calendar view, to streamline management and planning for a smoother operation.

Search for Specific Reservations

Quickly locate reservations with a powerful search function, providing easy access to booking details and enabling better guest service.

Filter for One or Multiple Restaurants

Efficiently organize reservations by filtering for specific restaurants, simplifying tracking and coordination for individual dining establishments.

Display Reservations in Table Layout

Visualize reservations in table layouts, making it easier to allocate guests to specific tables and optimize seating arrangements for maximum capacity.

Show Morning, Afternoon, and Evening Slots

Segment reservations into morning, afternoon, and evening slots for efficient planning and staff allocation.
Calendar preview in Crqlar restaurant software

Reservation Handling

With our software, you can easily:
- Create Reservations with a Short Summary
- Advanced View When Clicking on Reservation
- Modify or Delete Reservation
- Add Reservations to Events
- Change the  Number of Guests
- Change Restaurant for Reservation

Easy reservation handling with restaurant software
Why choose CRQLAR restaurant software?

saving time

Manage any number of restaurants and reservations from all sources intuitively in one place.


and more satisfied guests...

We are working with the best hotels in Austria, and help them to elevate the guest experience to another level.

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Gone are the days of juggling between phone calls, sticky notes, and clunky calendars. Table reservation software like Crqlar is here to bring everything under one roof. Imagine managing your À la Carte and Half Board guests, tweaking your opening hours, and showcasing your culinary creations with a few clicks.
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To stay relevant in the world of hospitality and attract guests, hotels must continually adapt to the latest trends, technologies, and consumer preferences. This ensures that hotels remain competitive and appealing to a modern, discerning audience.


Our platform boasts connectors to the most widely used PMS solutions, enabling seamless integration of data from various tools.
Integration with OracleIntegration with ASA HotelIntegration with ProtelIntegration with EliteIntegration with Google AdsIntegration with FacebookIntegration with Casablanca

Join us to explore how our software can redefine your hotel's dining experience and reservation management. Request a demo to check out our tools and features to elevate your restaurant's excellence!

What our clients say

Hear from some of our amazing luxury hotels that are using Crqlar.
"Crqlar's vision of connecting all IT systems in the hotel industry corresponds 100% to our vision. It was therefore perfectly clear to us that we wanted to go on this journey together and in partnership. We have successfully started with a digital module and look forward to the further installations in order to use ONE platform at the end of the journey, which will bring us an increase in sales and relieve our employees"
"Crqlar helps me keep a clean, organized ledger that I can access anywhere. The UI is so intuitive that anyone can use it, without any knowledge of the system. I also love the financial reports!"

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Know your customer and automate all your communications, ads, and marketing efforts.

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