Enhance your hotel's dining experience with our a la carte and half board software solution. Our easy-to-use website widget simplifies the booking process and helps reduce no-show fees.

Crqlar Restaurant software showing a la carte and halfboard booking, no show fee, guest information and predictions.
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Manage your restaurants: Halfboard and à la carte

With Crqlar Restaurant, hotels can easily manage not only halfboard guests, but also à la carte guests, ensuring that all guests receive the best possible service. Additionally, hotels can use Crqlar Restaurant to manage tables and seating, and create the restaurant layout. The system also includes features that allow hotels to create table combinations and easily move reservations around by dragging and dropping them from one table to another. Whether you're looking to streamline your restaurant operations or deliver a better guest experience, Crqlar Restaurant has you covered.

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Easy booking via website Widget

With Crqlar, hotels can easily add a booking widget to their website or use the Crqlar Hotel app to allow guests to easily book tables at their restaurants. The booking widget is fully customizable, allowing hotels to include their logo, fonts, and colors to perfectly match their branding. This seamless integration makes it easy for guests to book a table and provides hotels with a simple, efficient way to manage reservations. With Crqlar, hotels can improve efficiency, enhance the guest experience, and drive revenue.

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Reduce no-shows with credit card

One of its key features is the ability to reduce no-shows with the credit card no-show feature integrated into the booking widget on the hotel's website. This ensures that guests are held accountable for their reservations, minimizing the number of no-shows and allowing for better planning and increased revenue. With Crqlar, hotels can take control of their data and use it to drive meaningful business results. Whether managing halfboard or à la carte guests, creating custom restaurant layouts, or adjusting reservations with ease, Crqlar is the ultimate tool for optimizing dining operations.

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Improve guest experience and operations using AI

Utilize machine learning and AI to deliver a superior guest experience. By merging and analyzing data from various sources, Crqlar creates comprehensive guest profiles that allow hotels to anticipate their guests needs. For example, a hotel can use this data to know what table the guest preferred to sit at during their last visit, what type of wine they preferred, and what allergies they have. This allows hotels to deliver personalized service that goes above and beyond, improving customer satisfaction and driving revenue. With Crqlar, hotels can take advantage of cutting-edge technology to enhance the guest experience, streamline operations and increase efficiency.

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How Crqlar can improve your Restaurant

Crqlar Restaurant is the perfect solution for hotels looking to streamline their restaurant management and bookings. With customizable widgets for your website and personalized email and SMS communication with guests, Crqlar makes it easy to provide a seamless dining experience. Plus, the ability to add a credit card no-show fee and use AI to learn more about your guests ensures that even repeat customers will have a superior experience.

One software for hotel and external guests

Easily create your table plan.
Manage minimum and maximum capacity.
Create table combinations for groups.
Send guests notifications via mail and SMS.

Let guests easily book via your Website or App

Booking widget for your website.
Implement a no-show credit card charge.
If preferred let our system automatically assign tables.

Learn from each reservation with AI

Guest profiles are filled with guest requests and staff notes.
Returning guests automatically get their prefered table.
Create special events and align them with your guest experience and marketing team.

Know your customer and automate all your communications, ads, and marketing efforts.

Know your customer and automate all your communications, ads, and marketing efforts.

Get a 360 view of your customer and know exactly when and how to help them.

Drive customers and revenue through your online store and automate your back office so you can work less.

Ensure your fulfillment center and supply chain is moving products at lightspeed and with 100% accuracy.


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