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Crqlar Hotel Spa Software will provide a smooth experience for your guests while managing your staff and facilities. With an overview of all your spa services, booking for guests will be an enjoyable process.

Crqlar Spa and Services Software for Hotels
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Ease spa bookings for your guests

Sometimes guest do not know about the full extent of the services a hotel offers and overlook just the perfect treatment for them. With an overview of services booking is easy through just a few clicks either through your website widget or your own app. This makes it convenient for guests to plan and schedule their spa experience, and helps hotels to efficiently manage their spa bookings. This helps streamline operations and ensures that guests receive the best possible service from the start of their booking until the end of their service to have the most enjoyable experience possible.

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Save time: Manage your facilities

Saving time in processes and operation is vital to focus fully on the guests. Managing the spa facilities and keeping in mind the cleaning time slots streamlines the operations in the whole spa center and reduces wait times for guests. Guests can book any open slot, without the need for additional coordination and availability checks, which allows for a smoother and more seamless experience. The system also enables hotels to simplify their spa operations, ensuring that guests receive the best possible service.

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Save time: Manage your staff

In every well-functioning system, planning is essential to ensure smooth operations. Planning staff and availability in combination with service booking connects both ends of the booking process and reduces paperwork. The system allows easy management of staff scheduling and service availability, enabling guests to book their desired services without delays or confusion. By having a clear and efficient staff planning process in place, hotels can provide a better guest experience and can improve the overall spa operation.

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Increase your revenue

If you offer a more personalized experience, guests feel like you are focused on them individually and feel a more loyal connection to your hotel. This allows for a long-lasting relationship and a loyal customer base to ensure long-term success. Furthermore, the loyal guests will speak highly of their experiences in your hotel. The spa system allows hotels to offer a wide range of spa services to guests, and by using the customer data that the system captures, hotels can create personalized packages that cater to individual preferences and needs.

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How Crqlar can improve your Spa services

Crqlar Spa allows for easy management of staff scheduling and service availability, which enables guests to book their desired services with just a few clicks, increasing guest satisfaction. Furthermore, by utilizing the system to improve staff and facility management, hotels can save time and increase revenue by offering more personalized and efficient services.

Manage your spa facilities more efficiently

Create new facilites with a few clicks.
Easily add time slots.
Include breaks and cleaning times.

Manage your spa staff more efficiently

Easily add new staff members.
Manage their work hours, breaks and treatment schedules.
Attribute their skills to manage your spa services.

Offer better holiday packages to increase your revenue

Use Crqlar AI to create the packages the guest really wants.
Offer the right service at the right time to the right guest.
Send special offers with notifications in the Crqlar Hotel App.

Know your customer and automate all your communications, ads, and marketing efforts.

Know your customer and automate all your communications, ads, and marketing efforts.

Get a 360 view of your customer and know exactly when and how to help them.

Drive customers and revenue through your online store and automate your back office so you can work less.

Ensure your fulfillment center and supply chain is moving products at lightspeed and with 100% accuracy.


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