The perfect app for your guests

The Crqlar Hotel App transforms the guest experience with digital check-in, access to booking systems for all services, the spa and restaurants. All data is seamlessly connected to your PMS system.

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The perfect app for your hotel guests

Crqlar hotel app is the ultimate solution for hotels looking to enhance the guest experience and increase revenue. With the app, guests can access valuable information about the hotel, local attractions, and activities, making it the perfect companion for any hotel stay. Additionally, the app's integration with property management systems allows guests to easily book additional services, resulting in increased revenue for the hotel.

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Easy to customize

With Crqlar App, hotels have the flexibility to easily customize the look and feel of their app to match their branding and CI. Adding new content, posts, images, and information is a breeze, thanks to the user-friendly interface. The app allows for simple adjustments like changing fonts, colors, and layout with just a few clicks, making it a powerful tool for hotels to stand out among their competitors and provide a seamless guest experience.

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All guest bookings with just one click

Crqlar App allows hotels to increase revenue by providing guests with the ability to book additional services such as spa treatments, restaurant bookings, or sport lessons with just a click. The app also enables hotels to send personalized offers and notifications to guests, encouraging them to take advantage of these additional services and increase the overall revenue of the hotel. By streamlining these processes and making it easy for guests to access and book these services, hotels can improve the guest experience and boost their bottom line.

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Show the content that matters

Crqlar App uses AI and guest profiles to provide guests with relevant and personalized information, making it easy for them to find what they need and are interested in. The app takes into account guest's past behavior, preferences, and data to show tailored information, like for example hotel services, local activities, or offers, which can be based on their past bookings history, making it an essential tool for enhancing the guest experience and increase customer satisfaction. This level of personalization, helps hotels to stand out among competitors and creates a more satisfying stay for guests.

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How to increase guest loyalty with your hotel app

Deliver an outstanding guest experience with Crqlar hotel app. Show personalized content based on guest preferences and profile, while allowing guests to easily book additional services with just a few clicks.

Show the content that matters to your hotel guests with AI power by Crqlar Guest App

Content that matters to your guests based on their guest profile

Content shown based on guest preferences.
Crqlar learns and fills guest profile with every guest interaction.
Send special offers based on guest interests.
Increase the hotel revenue with additional service 1 click bookings with the Crqlar hotel guest app.

Increase your revenue through additional services

Let your guests easily book a spa treatment, sport activity or anything else in your hotel.
Send notifications and special offers to your guests.
Gain additional knowledge about your guest and improve your marketing.
Easy service bookings for your hotel guests with the Crqlar Hotel Guest App

Deliver an even better guest experience

Save your hotel save and guests time by check-in through the hotel app.
Share with your guests the world your hotel and location offers.
Improve how guests can book additional services at your hotel.

Know your customer and automate all your communications, ads, and marketing efforts.

Know your customer and automate all your communications, ads, and marketing efforts.

Get a 360 view of your customer and know exactly when and how to help them.

Drive customers and revenue through your online store and automate your back office so you can work less.

Ensure your fulfillment center and supply chain is moving products at lightspeed and with 100% accuracy.


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