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Elevate your hotel's guest experience and operational efficiency with Crqlar CRM hotel software, designed to optimize workflows and drive growth.
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Our CRM represents a revolutionary leap forward in guest management and marketing for the hospitality industry.

Our core CRM features

Our hotel platform is trusted by the best luxury hotels in Austria.
Crqlar CRM ensures the highest quality of hotel data, meticulously cleaning and removing duplicate profiles to create a pristine database.
Crqlar CRM sophisticated Newsletter system enables hotels to connect with their guests through beautifully crafted, personalized messages, enhancing engagement and loyalty.
With us, hotel can create custom audiences and utilize advanced filters allows for exceptionally targeted marketing campaigns, ensuring that promotional efforts reach the most receptive guests.
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Guest Profile with ALL Data

Crqlar is a cutting-edge SaaS platform that helps hotels maximize efficiency and improve the guest experience. By connecting to your property management system (PMS) and other software solutions, Crqlar merges and cleans your data to create a comprehensive guest profile. This allows you to easily segment your guests and deliver personalized experiences, driving customer satisfaction and revenue for your hotel. With Crqlar, you can take control of your data and use it to drive meaningful business results.

AI-powered software streamlines the conversion of unstructured data from guest communications into structured, actionable information.

Automation reduces manual data entry, saving valuable time for hotel employees.

Actionable Insights: AI identifies key information like spa bookings or dinner reservations from guest emails.

With one click, staff are directed to the relevant booking system, pre-filled with the guest's request.

Profile Enrichment: By analyzing themes in guest correspondence, the software enriches guest profiles with personal interests.

This can empower hotels to offer customized experiences, enhancing guest satisfaction.
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Create personalized offers

Unstructured data, chaos in guest profiles, dispersed information over various systems, emails and staff notes? Organizing data is vital for a company to run smoothly, and so it is for hotels. Through structuring these snippets of data you can get an overview of what your guests’ preferences are and therefore can provide them with personalized offers, showing them your attention to detail and creating a loyal customer base. We want to help you structure these data layers to create clear guest profiles and use them to your advantage and drive revenue.

How Crqlar can help your hotel

Crqlar is connected with your PMS system all revelant software solutions in your hotel. The software then merges, the data to unified guest profiles and cleans duplicate data, enabling you to generate better, more personalized vacations for your guests.


All guest information in one profile

Connected with your PMS.
Data merging from different sources.
Automatic cleaning of duplicate profiles and data.
Structured data out of unstructured information like emails and staff notes.

Let AI create better offers and marketing material for your hotel.

Auto created, personalized offers based on guest profile and communication.
Target the right customers on Google, Meta and Pinterest by sending guest segments.
Let AI create the right claims for your guest segment, your hotel and offer.
Upload your images and the Crqlar AI will create the perfect ad for your guests.

Personalized offers, increased revenue

AI generated offers based guest data and your pricing and occupancy rate.
Upsell additional services by better understanding your guest.
Adjust your room prices by demand and guest interest.
Create more targeted marketing campaigns to improve your ROI and increase your revenue.
Connect, Engage, Delight

Tailored Audiences for World-Class Hotels


Precision Targeting for Premium Experiences:
CRM Choice for Luxury Hotels

Crqlar CRM software is crafted for luxury hotels, empowering them to forge deeper connections through precision-targeted marketing. With the flexibility to choose from predefined audiences or create bespoke ones, hoteliers can now tailor their newsletters and digital campaigns with unparalleled precision.
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Identify your best guest segment

Did you know that you can create target groups through the guest data that you collect through your bookings? There is actually a way to identify the best and worst performing guest segments at your hotel,and gain valuable insights into where you can make improvements and drive revenue. By providing guest segmentation data to target specific audiences and deliver personalized marketing messages, Crqlar can help you to offer the right services to the right guests. This helps you to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty through providing excellent experiences, ultimately leading to increased revenue for your hotel.


Whether it’s for Facebook, Google, or direct email outreach, our solution elevates guest engagement to new heights.

Leveraging carefully crafted audiences is a game-changer, providing hotel owners, managers, and marketers with a powerful tool to execute targeted marketing campaigns with ease and precision.

Crqlar CRM software stands at the forefront of this revolution, offering a seamless way to identify and segment potential guests based on a multitude of criteria, from demographic details to past booking behaviors and preferences.

Your team has the option to utilize our pre-set Audiences for exceptionally precise marketing targeting. These are just a few examples:

'High Spenders' Audience

Identify and engage guests who fall within the top 10% of overall revenue contributors. This elite group, known for their willingness to invest in premium experiences and services, offers a prime target for exclusive offers, and luxury enhancements.

'Golden Autumn Guests' Audience

This audience, captivated by the changing leaves and autumnal festivities, presents a unique opportunity for crafting seasonal offers and experiences that resonate deeply with their preferences for this time of year.

'Early Bookers' Audience

These are your guests who, driven by the thrill of anticipation, secure their luxury stays three months or more in advance. Tailor your marketing campaigns to meet their desire for early bird specials and exclusive experiences

Connect & Conquer: Unleash the Power of Facebook and Google

Our platform stands out by seamlessly integrating with both Facebook and Google, allowing your team to effortlessly synchronize your CRM data with these powerful marketing channels.

Leverage the Strength of Data for Impactful Campaigns

Crqlar CRM platform not only bridges your hotel with the vast audiences of Facebook and Google but also puts you in complete control with the ability to toggle your campaigns on and off directly from the CRM interface.

This unique feature offers unprecedented convenience, allowing you to adapt your marketing strategies in real-time, responding swiftly to market trends, occupancy rates, and budget considerations.

Direct integration with Facebook & Google Ads

Unprecedented level of control and customization right from your CRM dashboard.

Switch your campaigns
on or off

Crqlar CRM empowers you to respond dynamically to changes in demand, occupancy, and budget.

Smart data

Our software enhances effectiveness of your campaigns by leveraging detailed CRM data for pinpoint targeting.


Your ads are always relevant, engaging, and tailored to the guests most likely to book, maximizing your ROI and driving direct bookings

Transforming Guest Engagement with Precision Newsletters


Stay connected with your guests during the whole guest journey

Tailored specifically for the needs of high-end accommodations, Crqlar CRM Newsletter empowers hotels to deliver personalized content that resonates with their clientele, fostering a deeper connection and encouraging repeat visits.

Dynamic Newsletter Lists

Efficient campaign management is key to maintaining engagement with varied guest segments. Our CRM software facilitates the creation and management of dynamic newsletter lists, enabling hotels to organize their marketing campaigns with ease. These lists are fully customizable and can be updated in real-time to reflect changes in marketing strategies or guest preferences.

Customizable Newsletter Templates

From incorporating your hotel's logo to adjusting the layout and color scheme, our templates ensure that every newsletter that is send out is not only visually appealing but also aligned with hotel brand identity. This level of customization is crucial for luxury hotels aiming to engage a discerning clientele, providing a seamless extension of the guest experience even outside the hotel.

Marketing Strategies

From announcing exclusive offers to sharing captivating stories about your hotel's amenities or events, personalized newsletters can significantly enhance guest engagement and drive direct bookings. Successful implementation of these strategies has been shown to foster guest loyalty, differentiate your brand in the luxury market, and ultimately contribute to a stronger bottom line.


Our platform boasts connectors to the most widely used PMS solutions, enabling seamless integration of data from various tools.
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What our clients say

Hear from some of our amazing luxury hotels that are using Crqlar.
"Crqlar's vision of connecting all IT systems in the hotel industry corresponds 100% to our vision. It was therefore perfectly clear to us that we wanted to go on this journey together and in partnership. We have successfully started with a digital module and look forward to the further installations in order to use ONE platform at the end of the journey, which will bring us an increase in sales and relieve our employees"
"Crqlar helps me keep a clean, organized ledger that I can access anywhere. The UI is so intuitive that anyone can use it, without any knowledge of the system. I also love the financial reports!"